Wondereur: Art, Up close, Personal.
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Wondereur: Art, Up close, Personal.

Wondereur: Art, Up close, Personal.
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What is Wondereur ?

Each week, Wondereur unveils a story and a storefront for a new contemporary artist.

Wondereur August from wondereur on Vimeo.

Art to buy now 

Wondereur ask leading figures in local art scenes around the world to be our talent spotters and recommend great artists who are under the radar.


Each week, Wondereur unveil a photo essay on a new contemporary artist and give us three weeks to discover the artist’s life and work.

Mobile Shopping 

Along with the artist’s story, Wondereur unveil a storefront :” When you’re captivated by what you see, click “buy” to bring a piece of it home.”

Wondereur: ideaBOOST from wondereur on Vimeo.

Why was Wondereur created ? 

Art can touch us in ways nothing else can. Especially art created by living artists.

But for art to have its full effect, you have to get up close and personal with it, and with the people who made it. That can be difficult. In the real world, white-walled galleries and big-name art fairs are hard to access. In the online world, websites that market art like shoes or posters are hard to love.

At Wondereur, we respect artists and their contribution to society, but we avoid attitude and elitism. There’s no art speak or hard sell here. Just a chance to get to know people making art and an opportunity to buy their work.


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